A Blockchain based News Platform for the Future




Digital media is a very potent tool to influence people's opinion. The mainstream digital giants tailor the news to match individual orientations.

It is very difficult for us to get out of this bubble and explore different views in the world. We often end up opinionated without seeing the big picture. Pramanika operates in this space to filter out fake news and gives objective perspectives along with the news.

Pramanika is a decentralized publication of collectively validated news and articles

Pramanika is a consortium blockchain network of different heterogeneous news institutions.An article submitted by a news institution will be masked of its source and put for validation in the consortium. While validating a news article, the peer in the consortium can express the extent to which they agree or disagree with the article and provide anonymous comments. These weighted opinions and anonymous comments will be published along with the article.
These qualified validators are not selected by any entity, they are short listed from public data and their performance in the network. The list of validators is automatically revised from time to time,to keep only the best and the trustworthy news organisations.